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What would your landscape design look like without lighting? Well, it’s safe to say that it would be dark and not nearly as attractive at night. Outdoor landscape lighting is essential when it comes to your landscape design. Today, there are many new intricate trends that will have you adding landscape lights to thoroughly enlighten your yard and highlight certain features.

But outdoor landscape lighting does more than just lighten your property; it also increases the value. When the sun goes down, you can keep paths and steps illuminated for safety and highlight landscaped features all while keeping your property safe and secure.

Shed a Light on Landscape Lighting

Lighting used for outdoor spaces has changed somewhat in 2020. First, it is imperative that you use the services of outdoor lighting companies who can install outdoor lighting for you in a safe and effective manner. Outdoor lighting specialists can explain outdoor space lighting trends and discuss all of your options so you can make educated choices that simply bring your landscape to life every evening.

Attractively Light Paths

Pathway lighting, which has been traditionally used, is still quite popular along with directional light. Such lights are perfect for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, and fences. When you want a stylishly lit atmosphere, pathway lighting is the answer. A current trend in regards to pathway lighting is to keep it hidden. LED lighting can be placed under sidewalks, pathways, and other types of walkways. Your landscape gets the soft illuminating lighting you desire while gracefully enhancing and complimenting every path.

LED Lights Immaculately Fit Lighting Needs

Nearly 10% of all outdoor lighting installations use LED lights. There are many benefits to using LED lights, as they’re less expensive, consume less energy, and are aesthetically pleasing. LED lights also call for less maintenance. It is easy to understand why LED lights are popular lighting options for outdoor landscape lighting.

Out with the Bland and In With the Bold

When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting, white tends to be a dominant choice. However, outdoor lighting trends offer a way to bring color into your landscaping with color filters. Complement plants, entertaining areas, and lawn décor with many shades offered on an exciting color palette. Filters are perfect when paired with white lights to encourage warm or cool tones. Create a dramatic setting with colored filters and make sure the precise lighting focus you want is highlighting the parts of your landscaping in which you are most proud.

Bring Tiny Lights Together For a Twinkle Effect

The twinkle of lights is enchanting. There is no better way to achieve a twinkle effect than amassing small lights together. Hide them in plantings and along walkways for an attractive lighting effect that has become very popular. A mass of small lights also adds depth to areas and can provide accents to otherwise understated landscape elements.

Use Smart Technology for Your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

More items inside your home are now using smart technology. Now you can bring smart technology to your landscape lighting. Adding smart tech to a lighting system allows you to control your outdoor lighting from anywhere. Set specific lighting zones that can be dimmed and turned off and on easily. Smart tech lighting is the perfect way to keep landscaping looking beautiful with an added layer of security whether you’re home or not.

Use the Services of a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company

It is always advisable to use the services of a professional outdoor lighting company. They have the experience, tools, and knowledge needed when working with outdoor lighting features. There are many considerations to be considered, and the experts understand them all. There is an art to showcasing your landscaping with gorgeous outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting specialists know how to effectively communicate moods, add attractive shadows, and turn your landscaping into an enlightening wonderland.