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We all love having an outdoor space on our properties. Outdoor spaces can add a lot of value to a property, making it easier to sell down the road if you so choose. Essentially, an outdoor space like a patio, deck, or even an outdoor kitchen extends your home’s exterior in a major way. For that matter, landscape features like a garden can improve the appearance of your yard, even if you don’t have outdoor furniture set up there. But it’s not enough to have a space dedicated to socializing; you also need to ensure that your space is properly decorated. Let’s look into some of the ways that you can decorate your home’s outdoor space.

1. Lighting Fixtures

There are so many benefits to adding lighting for outdoor space, and not all of them are purely aesthetic. According to a recent study, the addition of outdoor lights cuts crime by 39% at night, and it’s no wonder. Criminals are naturally deterred by lighting, as it’s easier for homeowners or even neighbors to notice them in a well-lit area. Of course, the types of light fixtures that would be most likely to deter criminals would include high-beam lights, which are sometimes added to landscapes in order to make them easier to tend to at night or simply to illuminate a walking path within a garden. If you have a patio or deck area and add lights, you’re extending the amount of time that you can spend socializing outside, especially on warm summer nights. String lights are also popular outdoors, as they can be strung along trees and create a charming, whimsical effect. When choosing lighting for outdoor spaces, you should be conscious of the general environment in which you live, as animals could potentially disrupt or even destroy more fragile lights.

2. A Water Feature

Water features come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be incorporated into setups that include lighting for outdoor spaces, and some can even be connected to vegetable gardens. A lot of classic water features include ponds or miniature waterfalls. They create a soothing effect and can enhance the appearance of your landscape by creating something of a centerpiece for everything else to congregate around. Some homeowners even like to keep live fish, like koi, within their pond water features. You can also talk to the outdoor lighting companies that you work with about having your fish pond safely lit so that you can even view your fish when it’s dark outside. Another thing to consider, of course, is whether or not you’d like to integrate a water feature in a more organic way. Some water features are integrated into an area so that they can actually help hydrate and fertilize a garden. This actually cuts down the amount of work that you need to invest in maintaining your own garden, while also benefitting the environment in general.

3. An Outdoor Kitchen

Moving away from the more natural expansions of your landscape space, we can’t overlook the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens vary in terms of their features and technology, but in general, they will include a cooking space of some kind as well as a sink and prep area. A lot of people are becoming attracted to the idea of cooking at least some meals outside, especially as they attempt to eat healthier since outdoor cooking often focuses on grilling foods like meats and vegetables, rather than cooking heavy pastas and the like. There are a lot of reasons why you may be interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to your overall cooking repertoire, but remember that you can’t cook outdoors safely without the proper landscape lighting. Any choice you make regarding lighting for outdoor spaces needs to cover your outdoor kitchen as well.

Clearly, there are a lot of ways in which we can take advantage of our outdoor space. Don’t let this opportunity pass you up!